Kevin Black“When one listens to Kevin Black, it seems that he somehow knows the song that is in your heart, and sings it back to you.” — R.H.V.

Kevin Black has been performing around the United States and abroad for over 35 years. His audiences have included Presidents, Generals, and celebrities in the movie industry as well as the music business. He has entertained crowds in numbers from as little as two to as large as 60,000.

From the time he was eight, performing Merle Haggard classics for anyone willing to lend an ear.

In a previous bio, long-time friend Roy Homer Vann sums it up:

Kevin learned that his voice was tuned to perfect harmony with the vibrations of the strings of his guitar. Those around him discovered his musical talents almost before he did and demanded to share in his gift. He entertained his friends and acquaintances anytime, anywhere, and for the flimsiest of reasons. Kevin trained his voice as well as his guitar to do the things that his artistic ego demanded. Music has been Kevin’s dominant love since the first time he discovered the beauty of a strummed guitar joined together with vocal harmonics.
His name is synonymous with “patriotic,” and his a cappella rendition of God Bless the USA has won the hearts of many, ushering in the opportunity for Kevin to play at prestigious political events.

Following his successful Dream On album, his latest record, Kevin Black– SOLD OUT Live at Dosey Doe, proves that he has carved his own niche in the hearts of his fans, and those who follow this well-loved singer/songwriter’s career know that he turns every show into a party.

Armed with a gregarious personality, quick wit and undeniable talent, Kevin, along with his younger brother, superstar Clint Black, continues the family tradition of music excellence.

He continually brings to the table heartfelt lyrics, impressive fret-board firepower and powerful vocals. Regardless of the size of the audience, Kevin sings every song with a passion so intense that no one can deny his love for music or his desire to entertain his fans. Because of this, his repertoire exceeds that of most music artists. It ranges from country, pop and rock n’ roll to rhythm and blues. And since Kevin is a huge fan of the 50s, it’s likely that you will also hear a touch of the “golden age of rock n’ roll.”

Kevin continues to perform regularly, along with his son, Coleton. Son Marshall is also an accomplished musician.

Kevin is known as much for his contribution the Rett syndrome research cause as he is known for his top-notch shows. The native Houstonian’s interest and involvement with Rett syndrome is personal, having lost his 16-year-old daughter, Cortney, to the disorder. His signature song, A Tear for You, is written as a tribute to her.

For the past decade, he and Clint have devoted much of their time and talent to the Rett cause, playing a major role in helping raise funds for research that will one day soon result in a cure. Kevin’s latest project, along with his manager/photographer Dave Clements, is a photomontage of over 200 of music’s top artists, Raising A Hand; the book.  All proceeds will go toward funding a cure for Rett syndrome.

Kevin’s latest endeavor involves photography and when he’s not on stage, you can find him behind the lens of one of his favorite cameras. Some of his photos can be found in Raising a Hand, including the shot taken of Clint.

Kevin has risen to the challenge of being the brother of a country music superstar. Those who have seen Kevin Black perform know there are no coattails needed for this ride. Kevin has been asked for a return performance at just about every engagement he has ever booked. That alone is a testament to his talent as a live entertainer…